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ABA Therapy Service Standards

The support of family +
the strategy of ABA specialists.

Meets experts who care.

Our team is made up of professionals who genuinely care for each child, guiding them along the path of success.

Gain tools that work.

We utilize ABA principles to build socially significant behaviors in everyday settings to improve the lives of our clients.

Discover teamwork that produces.

We collaborate with other members involved in your child’s team to provide comprehensive ABA

See results that impact.

Over time, our clients make significant progress improving the quality of life for them and their families.

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About Us

You put your heart and soul into your child. So do we.

In everything we do, we’re focused on bringing out your child’s strengths and making the ABA therapy experience convenient for your family. Get to know expert, compassionate ABA therapists who bring big goals within your child’s reach.

Most insurances accepted

We’ll help keep things simple by clarifying key health insurance terms and plan information.

Telehealth services available

We’re here to deliver ABA services at the time and location that is most convenient for your family.

When your child with ASD seems to be left out, Kids N Heart ABA steps in:

Since kids with autism process information differently than their peers, their behavior often makes it hard to understand them. ABA therapy bridges the gap between their inner worlds and the environment around them.

Emotional Regulation

“She gets so angry and stays by herself in the corner for hours.”


“My nine year old can’t put on his own sneakers.”


“I noticed his eyes are looking downward during most conversations.”

ABA Services

Everything You Need to See Your Child With Autism Succeed

Insurance Management

Our team is trained to guide you with the insurance process from start to finish.

Home-Based ABA Therapy

We provide ABA services in the comfort of your home, keeping therapy convenient for you and your family.


Our team of professionals will answer your questions and concerns regarding your child’s behavior.

Community-based ABA Therapy

Our Behavior Therapists (BTs) support your child in their natural environment, such as in school and at afterschool programs.

Behavior Analysis Assessment

Our experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) conduct an assessment to identify specific target behaviors and their function.


Progress that makes parents proud
and kids prouder.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidenced-based therapy used to teach a range of skills to children on the autism spectrum. With a variety of proven techniques, ABA treatment focuses on improving skills that will lead to increased opportunities, while simultaneously decreasing problem behavior and other barriers to learning.

Increased Adaptive Skills

Opportunities for Rewarding Relationships

Decreased Problematic/Maladaptive Behavior


support for
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